Angela Muller

It’s so exciting when I get a call or text from one of my clients sharing a wellness breakthrough. This could mean they were able to find a new farm to table restaurant serving wonderful, gluten-free food or their discovery of a new workout that’s helped them stay motivated with exercise. I’m so passionate about nutrition, especially foods that are from the earth, organic and not processed. The transformations I’ve witnessed are so profound! I get enthused when clients report weight loss or improved medical reports allowing the discontinuation of a medication or an increase in energy, vitality & mental clarity. One of my clients told me that my support “…is so encouraging and helps keep me accountable.” Another one said, “Thank you so much for gifting me with your program. I know this is the moment I’m making changes.”

As registered nurse with over 20 years of experience in surgery, private school nursing, infertility, and reproductive endocrinology, I became keenly aware of the effects of foods and toxins on our bodies. Today, I coach women and men diagnosed with various inflammation concerns on how to care for their bodies by using nutrition as medication, proper body movement, and spiritual well-being. The ages range from childhood to grandparents. I have such compassion for my client’s challenges and listen to each as a unique individual. Though I can often recommend similar aspects to recovery and maintenance, no single person has a one program fits all solution like you see online. My inspiration is tailored for individuals and families.

As a varsity cheer coach for a private school, I’m always laughing and dancing with the girls and consider it an honor and privilege to be their mentor. Behind the scenes, I’m inspiring a vision of what it looks like to accept and love themselves for who they are in Christ and to dare to dream about their future. One of the girls said, “I absolutely love having you as a coach! You always push me to work hard and do my best.” Today, I enjoy using my platform speaking about healthy living and the possibilities that exist when the right food choices are made. I’m asked to create and hold workshops to spark whole food choices and create wellness cultures. The trust instilled by my clients and many others is something I value immensely. The connections I make with those that choose me as their health guide is a major source of joy in my life. I’m a wife to my ambitious husband of 25 years and mother to my hilarious teenage daughter and son. We host magical events on our property to celebrate life, fund wonderful causes, and to provide me a chance to dress up and sing karaoke.

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